Technical Training Introduction- FAQ’s

How it works and answers for frequently asked questions:

Each participant will be required to register and create their own unique USER ID and password @ and register/reserve/purchase their own Event/Course(s). Service Managers/Office Administration please read below for Team Members

Once Registered and signed into your account select which Event or Course type you would like to participate in:

Virtual – the participant will receive virtual Zoom meeting information and the course materials.

In-person – the participant will reserved a seat at the desired location and the course materials. Seats are limited.

Self-Study course(s) – the participant will receive all course material and prerecorded videos of the Live class presentation. The Self-Study course can be started & completed as you would like, the quiz must be taken and passed and the course completion at 100% to receive course credit and hours.

Upon completion of the Zoom or In-person session, each participant will need to sign into their account and complete a quiz, which must be taken and passed and the course completion at 100% to receive course credit and hours.

For multiple people viewing the Zoom meeting in the same room, only 1 person needs to sign into the Zoom Meeting.

NATE ID information can be added to your profile found in the My Account area. If you add your NATE ID to your account we will submit your CEU’s to NATE on your behalf.

How to Register/Purchase an Event/Course:

If you are purchasing the Event/Course for yourself you can simply add the Event/Course to your cart and checkout, please remember to add an Account # & PO for processing.

You can add as many Events/Courses to your cart as you would.

If you want to purchase/register the Event/Course for someone else.

Add Team Members in your account dashboard.

This is for Dealer Principles, Office Administration, and Service Managers of dealerships.

At this time there can only be one Website Technician Manager per a dealership.

Please navigate to your account dashboard.

Once you have navigated to your account dashboard add the technician as a Team Member.

After the Team Member has been added, you will be able to use a User switching tool to switch to the technician and register the technician for Events/Course’s on their behalf.

The team member will receive a Welcome email with their User ID and a link to set their password.

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