Distributor Service Team (DST)

Technical Support Guidelines

GENERAL: Our technical service department receives many phone calls and e-mails daily. Phone in technical support is a FREE service offered by Shore Distributors, Inc. to assist our dealers in realizing their project objectives. We understand that systems today can be more complex and technologically advanced, but now more than ever we find that contractors often have the wrong impression as to just what our capabilities are in offering this service. As our industry continues to advance at a rapid pace, we want to be very clear about what you can and cannot expect from us. These guidelines are to set the proper procedures and expectations when requesting Technical Support. All technicians at some point will need to call and speak with someone in technical support.

Be aware that while sometimes you will get to speak with an adviser right away, you may not always connect to a live person on the phone the first time you call. Depending on the call volume on the day and time you are calling, you may need to leave your contact information and wait for a return phone call. Please be patient with us and understanding of a possible delay in getting the information you need.

I. You should ALWAYS have the system’s Model & Serial Number ready.

Full Product Model Number & Serial Number

II. Depending on your issue, system parameters such as operating pressures, temperatures, voltages and current measurements are a requirement.

Example: If you are working on a split system heat pump problem, you would record all the system’s refrigerant pressures and temperatures, the various superheat and sub cooling values, and any other necessary information. We will provide your technicians with preprinted worksheets to record this information. This allows them to analyze the entire system and not miss vital information that can lead to finding the problem. It also allows them to review the issue more thoroughly with our service team.

This keeps the technician from needing to recall the information from memory, potentially relaying the wrong information, which may mask the true problem.It also eliminates the technician from stating, “the superheat is good,” “the amperage draw is normal,” or “I have checked that.” If you want the help getting the answers you are looking for, we need real numbers and readings. If you did not measure it, you are guessing, PLEASE be ready and have your information available.

III. The more information you have, the more thoroughly we can assist you. Please note all of the pertinent information, so when asked, we can provide accurate and reliable information. You do not want to guess or fudge the information you provide. We do not want to guess for you. This means you need to be fully prepared before calling for assistance.

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